About Us


Paris Saint-Germain Academy is the largest soccer network in the world and the best choice for every soccer player looking to receive professional training and exposure for soccer opportunities. All Coaches are Paris Saint-Germain Certified and/or UEFA licensed (or the USA equivalent) and implement the official Paris Saint-Germain program designed in France for the best players in the world such as Neymar Jr, Mbappi, Cavani, Dimaria and many more!

At Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA we:

  • Develop techniques, tactics, strength, confidence and an understanding of the game.
  • Educate and transmit soccer values such as fair play, commitment, team spirit.
  • Implement the official Paris Saint-Germain program with a highly-skilled and licensed coaching staff.
  • Encourage international experiences through tournaments and boarding programs.
  • Monitor and report players’ development to the Paris Saint-Germain Headquarters throughout the season.
  • Extend position-specific and elite training opportunities to high potential players.
  • Expose high potential players to professional and collegiate opportunities.