Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA has spent years designing curriculum that is built specifically to benefit campers of all abilities and ages. Led by top rated youth and soccer professionals, our summer camps provide training based on the fundamentals of world-class European soccer to enhance the natural development of players.

Paris Saint-Germain has designed the perfect program for the beginner to the experienced player who is willing to learn and work hard over the summer to learn the “Paris Way.”

Enhance your skills while developing leadership ability

This is a soccer camp for everyone. With a versatile, diverse, and experienced staff, we have the ability to teach soccer to all levels, ranging from the beginner to the experienced camper.

Focusing on growth and development, each and every camper will be immersed in enhanced curriculum with a focus on age-specific needs. This also takes into consideration the mental and physical abilities of our players. Our staff will work to constantly encourage campers and build their self-esteem to untapped levels.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy technical program follows the best-in-class, Paris Saint-Germain training and methodology to focus on shaping intelligent players. Camp sessions reproduce game situations to teach players to analyze and find solutions as a part of an active learning process. Camps are designed to meet age and skill-specific objectives, leading to an excellent understanding of the game. Players will develop high levels of confidence and will be prepared for competition, with the knowledge and skills to make the best decisions in game situations.

Campers are encouraged to push and exceed their limits to reach new levels and improve their tactical, physical, technical and cognitive skills.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA staff will monitor all campers to ensure they are constantly involved and coached throughout the week as we utilize a coach to camper ratio no greater than 1:10. As players develop their on field skills we will also integrate values of: Elegance, Effort, Intelligence and Enjoyment in order to build confidence while having fun in a pressure-free environment.